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We are proud to stock our deli cases with the best quality meats and cheeses available, primarily from Boar's Head.  Boar's Head has been producing delicatessen products for over 100 years, with a legacy of using only the very best ingredients. No fillers, artificial flavors or colorings, by products  or MSG ever make it into Boar's Head products.  All Boar's Head meats and cheeses are also gluten free, making them the perfect match for our gluten free wraps and sandwiches.  Want to know more? Visit Boar's Head's website right


Prefer your sandwich meat paper thin? Your cheese thick? or maybe you like them both extra thick! We slice to customers specifications, from shaved to chunked. Come in today and tell us how you like it best!

The Deli

With our own fresh bread and premium meats and cheeses under one roof, adding a sandwich bar to our deli was not a hard choice.  Combine these with crisp, fresh veggies and  a wide array sauces, and  it's not hard to create mouth-watering flavors! The only question is, which one do you want today? Brouse our specialty sandwiches, or choose your own bread and pile up the flavors to create whatever you have in mind.  Call your order in and we will do our best to have it ready and waiting for you! Your lunch break be short, but never short on flavor.

Breakfast Sandwiches
Specialty Sandwiches

ADD Joe Combo for $3.50 w/ any sandwich

Party Trays
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