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In 1996, Missy Yoder moved to Floyd VA, worn out from her previous job and ready for a change. After teaching school for a few years, and realizing that was just not something she could do long term, a whole new opportunity opened up when a piece of property suddenly came up for sale along Route 8. After much prayer and seeking advice from trusted friends, the purchase was made, and after some remodeling, a small bakery opened offering homemade-style bread, pies, and more. Thanks to the overwhelming welcome from the local community, the first employee of the Bread Basket was hired only 2 weeks after it opened! The little business did well and throve, providing Missy with an income and blessing her with many new friends. 

In July 2000, Missy married Clyde Bender. He enjoyed meeting the customers of the Bread Basket and helping where he could. Unfortunately, less than a year later, Clyde was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and soon lost control of his right side. Missy's employees quickly took over running the business while Missy devoted her attention to Clyde. Clyde lost his fight with cancer in September of 2001.  Missy herself had been having health issues for the past year, but was unable to have things checked out while Clyde was so sick. Now, after many tests, another bombshell was dropped. Missy had Celiac Disease, which meant starting a gluten-free diet. Now Missy couldn't eat anything baked in her own bakery! This experience translated into the strong commitment to having gluten free options that our customers enjoy today.

The little business that started out in a 800 sq ft space was now bursting at the seams.  More land was bought, and in  Feb 2006, construction began. By Christmas, the business had moved into the new space, and soon a deli was added. More products lined the longer shelves, and customers showed their appreciation. For the 13th anniversary in 2011, a sandwich bar was added. 

In 2015, Alvin Hostetler asked for Missy's hand in marriage. Their wedding
was a joyous occasion and Al was just the one to help carry the now
heavy load Missy again was facing with her business growing. Al took
Missy to visit his family in Indiana, and more and more, Indiana began
to pull on them. But what of the Bread Basket?
In 2018, Ben and Kathy Yoder agreed to run the business,
allowing Al and Missy to move to Indiana,and live close to Al's
children and grandchildren. While they continue to be involved,
Ben and Kathy now carry most of the responsibility and with the
help the other employees, the Bread Basket continues to thrive.

With new management, of course, comes innovation and new ideas. Ben and Kathy have brought a burst of new life and energy to the Bread Basket, and 2019  has become an exciting year already! The new paint inside is just the beginning. Follow along on Facebook, or stop by in person to see what's happening. We look forward to bringing the essence of homemade from our kitchen to your table in 2019 and beyond.

Our Story

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